Monday, December 21, 2015

Solstice and the need for light in our lives

My hubby complains of the constant sunshine in St. George most of the year, but when we get a dark, cloudy day like today, he wonders where the sun has gone. We all need LIGHT in our life daily.

Other's optimism and compliments can give that to us. It's too easy to judge and criticize rather than build one another. Looking for the light in our lives is so needed on this day of darkness.

Look forward to the light that will come as we progress towards SPRING...

I just received a lovely email with kind words from a new friend that I made last year at Poetry in the Park. Susan said, Thank you so much for all you do for writers and poets. Your energy and authenticity and wisdom inspire me.


  1. It was very dark and stormy here in Seattle today. We spread the light by visiting an old friend who is homebound now and unable to join us on our field trips and breakfasts and lunches. We took her a tin of cookies and had a lovely visit as the daylight faded.

  2. Lovely note from your new friend.

  3. Even here in Hawaii the days are shorter now which I don't especially mind, but I'm glad the light will be lengthening again now.