Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Shopping with Caryn again...

It's been too long since my BFF CARYN was in town. She's a snowbird and left last May-that's 6 months ago. So we were quite overdue for a lunch together-went to Olive Garden today for our favorite soup and salad, then shopping in nine different stores. Fun but exhausting. She's here till May 2016-HURRAH!

That's Caryn at one of her favorite stores looking for
a wall clock for her new winter home.
Or maybe a fun wood textured block instead?
This warehouse is full of interesting things to buy and look at...
Now we are at Urban Renewal-my favorite thrift store
I'm looking for stuff to decorate my kitchen cupboard shelves
Love how they assemble items to create a theme of some kind
Cheerful table decor ideas
I bought these two items to make a kitchen collage, more on this later.


  1. you seem to have the most novel of stores....

  2. What fun you two must have had. The catching up ... do you take turns talking? Or do you both talk at the same time? haha.

    My Italian friend told us once that when she and her girlfriend would get on the phone, they'd both be talking at the same time as they each had so much to say. I always chuckle at the thought, because she went on to say that they each heard the other between the lines somehow. Too funny.

    Happy day...

  3. Caryn is so artistic that I can imagine how amazing her home is looking now.