Friday, December 4, 2015

Relief Society LUNCH BUNCH

Two parties in one day––that was Dec 1st. Our church group of women met for our monthly Lunch Bunch-good food and lots of friendship. We had our larger group ever-43 in all.

I actually got in the photo for a change with my friends
christmas decorations are already up in Hank's Grill
Lots of happy people developing new  friendships
On the left is Cathy Young-our enthusiastic RS President \
Eating lots of yummy food from fish tacos to BBQ ribs

We had to add an extra table to seat all our participants today.

Standing is Wanda Bublik-a past RS president

We certainly kept our two waitresses and the cooks busy...
Eating and talking two of women's favorite activities filled our time


Linda Kay said...

Looks like a fun time, but too many to visit much. I noticed lots of ladies in blue.

gremhog said...

fun to see you in one of the pictures with your group of friends...also Wanda. Tell her HI for me.

Rambling Woods said...

Another great party....