Saturday, December 12, 2015

Another day trip in our red rock locale

Quail Lake reservoir is close to us. We think those birds are seagulls.
Love the reflections in the water...
This is a place hubby could launch his boat and go fishing.
Redneck Campground is a fun place to hike or just drive through.
I love the sagebrush and starkness of these hills.
Rocks everywhere.
This small creek drains into Quail Lake
The beginnings of an arch is shown
A ranch in nearby Leeds, Utah


  1. You really do live in an interesting, beautiful part of our country, Lin. It will be awesome when he gets to launch that boat.

  2. Goodness, what a contrast to what our days look like here in the pacific Northwest this week. One rain and wind storm after another, the darkest days on record. I love your light!

  3. Oh blue skies and red pretty