Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Day on the Town

So happy to have my friend Caryn back from her short vacation up north with family for Christmas. We are long overdue for a day on the town-shopping and dining at Red Lobster and talking up a storm.
Caryn's front door is welcoming with Father Christmases
Cute guy who brings presents...
Every corner has a Father Christmas with other fun decorations.
Each figurine is a little different from the other ones.
I love this new book case she has in her living room.
I like the colors of her living room with soft turquoise and lime greens..
Another Father Christmas and trees
Another version...
Can you see any differences in this Father Christmas?
Caryn's new desk bought at a thrift store was a great buy.
Shopping at Target, I enjoyed the colors in this display of towels.
Shopping at Tai Pan, all Christmas stuff is half off but not needed now.


  1. Thanks for a glimpse into Caryn's world! I know you two will have a good time passing the winter days together.

  2. I enjoy sharing your adventures with Caryn.... I like her Father Christmas decorations .... Michelle