Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Totems in the RAIN

As predicted our first full day in Alaska was full of threatening rain so we donned our raincoats and took out the umbrellas to explore the sites in Ketchikan. Unfortunately there were four cruise ships coming in this day which put about 1000 extra tourists in town to fall over and compete with for tickets to local shows. Arriving at 7 am the town was quite quiet, we wandered around then found a taxi to take us to Saxman Totem Park.

Getting off the boat, we are right in town, very convenient!
Boats and pontoon or sea planes are quite popular here.
That's our ship at anchor with threatening skies above.
Waiting in the rain for shops to open...
Fun shops with local artisan's works everywhere.
Eskimo art and native peoples sculptures abound.
There were many different tribes of Indians in the area when the first Europeans
came to gather fur and trap animals.
Lodge house where ceremonies or potlachs are held.
A studio where native carvers continue their craft creating and restoring totems.
These totems are quite large, lots of work to create!
Love the street names in this Alaskan town
Details of animal figures adorning these poles.
Birds, bears, and other animals are featured in this poles.
Vivid colors can weather over time in this climate.
Totems can represent a family or a village.


Millie said...

what a nice place to visit Lin. I love the wooden carvings.

Jean said...

It rained when we were in Ketchikan, too. Doesn't that town get more annual rain than any other U.S. Town/city?

Kay said...

I love looking at totems. I'm so glad you're enjoying your trip.

Linda Reeder said...

We went to Totem Bight Historical Park as a cruise excursion out of Ketchikan. It was a beautiful park under sunny, blue skies. I'll have to find my photos of that trip 11 years ago. I remember how peaceful it was there away from the tourist crowds in town.