Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sawyer Glacier from our ship

Heading up the Tracy Arm to see the glaciers in this area.
Couldn't stop taking photos from our balcony view.
Love the layers of blueness in mountains, cloud and sea.
Getting closer to the glaciers as icebergs appear at our sides.
Many times you will see animals or birds on these icebergs.
My son Daniel loves to take photos also.  
Love traveling by ship and basking in the beauty of this beautiful state!
Melting glaciers create waterfalls everywhere.
Tracy Arm Glacier up close and personal.
The power and majestic of nature's forces at work.
Interesting blue color that is almost electric in its coldness and power.
We stopped by the glacier and made a 360 degree turn around to head back.
Soon it was time to have dinner this time with only the adults there.
Another towel creature waited us with turned down beds.


  1. Awesome photos, Lin. Such a beautiful shade of blue.

  2. have enjoyed your cruise thru your pix. love it that Daniel and family celebrated your 75th this way. What an adventure.

  3. Beautiful shots of the glacier!