Saturday, August 8, 2015

Returning home

Been lost in cyberspace, no one told me that cruise ships don,t have free wifi. It cost 85 cents a minute. Will organize my photos in a day or two. Fun trip and cruise. Learned how to use my iPad!
Except I don t know how to add photos...they are coming...look on Facebook!


Linda Reeder said...

Yep. On a cruise ship everything is expensive. I'll be looking forward to your pics.

mom/caryn said...

Whoa!!! That's more than $50.00 an hour. That's an ouch" too big for a Bandaid. I had no idea. Somehow, like you... I imagined that they'd offer free wifi on board a cruise ship. But, what do I know? Ive never been on a cruise. I'm not one of those "rich tourists" ha ha ha ha....

First pic of Alaska. More to come. I'm excited!