Thursday, August 20, 2015

Museum of NW History

I'm not in Utah anymore. I hear it rains everyday in Ketchikan, Alaska
Lovely Eskimo nativity set made in Japan! Many souvenirs were from China!

Glad it's not a real bear, though we were told they roam around town.
That's James in town standing by a totem.
Happy he's not real!
Exploring the SE Alaska Discovery Center by the National Park Service 
Model of a fishing boat, still an important part of Alaska's economy.
Stunning photo of Alaskan landscape in the museum.
Grand daughter Emilee loved this sunset on fishing boat photo! 
Fascinating history of how this area was settled and why.
I was fascinated by the native peoples and their traditions and history.
We are just exploring that small area of Alaska on the right bottom. 
Twin sisters in Alaska while Dad and bro went fishing!
Would have loved to purchase one of these native baskets but they were expensive.
More fascinating art, there were also diamonds and furs for sale.


Jean said...

I would also love one of those baskets.

Linda Kay said...

Enjoy your trip, Lin....and watch out for those bears!

Linda Reeder said...

I realized how little I had seen of Alaska by just hitting ports on the fringe of what is still a vast, wild place.
Too bad there is so much import tourist stuff. But then the "real" treasures are costly.

Rambling Woods said...

I love the photos of you with the family