Monday, August 24, 2015

Mendenhall Glacier-Juneau

Beautiful sight of the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau 
How it all happens naturally...
Breathtaking views...
Glaciers carve valleys, create waterfalls and lakes...
We took a two mile round trip hike to the waterfall on the upper right. 
Beautiful green coolness-no rain today!
Bears live around here, we were  told not  to carry food on us.
Luscious gurgling brook with crystal clear water.
Getting closer to the waterfall
Enjoying my nature walk with family...
Back to town with all the thousands of tourists and ships in port.
Juneau, Alaska downtown...doing some tourist shopping.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Lin....hope you have really enjoyed the trip!

  2. Oh it is beautiful! So glad you could go.

  3. Ah, sun and blue sky to go with all of that green. Lovely.

  4. Such a beautiful place. Spectacular, Lin!

  5. I so enjoyed all your Alaska glad you have this opportunity...and to go with family members...awesome!