Sunday, August 30, 2015

Klondike Museum in Skagway

I was fascinated by the history of this area as I had a great grand father
who left his wife and family in Utah to come to Alaska to find riches.
Wm. Marion Johnson probably came here and men from all over USA and
the world flocking here to get rich. Little did they know what was ahead.
Each person was required to buy a ton of goods to sustain him for a year.
It wasn't easy as the railroad wasn't finished yet, they had to walk or use sleds.
A list of supplies needed, click to make it larger to sustain a person/year.
Imagine packing this up the mountain or using horses,
dogs or whatever you could find to help you
Some individuals stopped looking for gold and served
those travelers with goods, saloons and brothels. 

Imagine making 40 trips to carry your goods on your back! 

How to store the gold and transport it back to the states wasn't easy!
Quite a town developed in this area and still survives revived by tourists! 

Too soon time to leave Alaska, note the blue glacier top right in the mtns.

Goodbye Alaska, on to Victoria BC, Canada and then Seattle, Wash.


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What a great trip you had... looks like so many interesting things to see and explore.

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This is bringing back some lovely memories.