Monday, August 10, 2015

Day one-August 1, 2015

First to Las Vegas by shuttle at 6 am to catch a flight to Seattle.
soon I see familiar landmarks in Washington
There's the Norwegian Jewel in the harbor

Ah Seattle skyline, now to find Dan and family
Thank goodness for cell phones, didn't take long to locate Dan and family
Taking a tour came first and eating at the buffet available all hours with hot tasty food

Spa for exercising off all the calories...
A small chapel.
Our cozy cabin with four beds, we laughed as we tried to move around our luggage bags

More photos coming....


  1. at last...some pix. I've kept checking hoping all has gone well.

  2. Oh, good . We get to go traveling now!

  3. Love the last photo. Which one of the twins is practically hanging upside down from her bunk? Tina looks different. Is her hair lighter? It would appear that we have a handful of females well prepared to have some fun!!!

  4. Looks like you will posting about some great times!