Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trimming or Chain Saw Massacre?

On my morning walk at 7 am,  I noticed this neighbor's tree suddenly has changed its appearance. Not sure why but it got an extreme trimming. I would guess it's the first stage of taking it out because of disease but it was a SHOCK! I think I feel like this tree sometimes when life gives me a jolt or unexpected challenge. OVERWHELMED and STOPPED by whatever the difficult experience is that I'm facing. 

Only three more days till I leave for a week's vacation in Alaska. I'm excited. Looking forward to time away with new experiences and sights. Anxious to see if I'll enjoy a CRUISE!


Kay said...

We really loved our Alaskan Cruise with Princess and had a great time! Mom and Auntie Grace loved it too. They were truly pampered. I know you're going to love it.

gremhog said...

how could you not?