Saturday, July 4, 2015


Let us preserve our freedoms
protected by laws and the constitution
created by God-fearing men
who believed in this land's destiny.

Founded on principles of liberty,
can we stand motionless as anger
rules the dissatisfaction sweeping
our country by dissonant groups?

Values and standards crumble, fall
as society fractures into hatred
fearful of other's differing viewpoints
forgetting In God We Trust.

Arguing over using deity's name
or valuing Christian principles,
factions fight the war of words
further confusing our youth of promise.

Love, forgiveness and unity lose
battles between man-made philosophies
while men and women of faith
fear what the future will bring.

Can we peacefully resolve differences,
withstand bullies disguised by fairness
as they destroy established traditions
long revered and cherished in America?


Rambling Woods said...

Happy 4th Lin!...

Kay said...

Happy Independence Day, Lin!