Friday, July 31, 2015

Planning and packing for THE TRIP!

Well, it's the day BEFORE THE TRIP...
time to wash clothes, pack up the bags
check off the list, hope nothing's forgotten.

It's difficult to sleep at night thinking
about my list, will I get up in time
for the 6 am shuttle to Las Vegas then
the flight to Seattle and bus to the pier?

All this happening in one day-don't want
to miss any connections or it's a long trip
to catch up with the ship in Ketchikan.

Here's to constant prayers for a safe journey,
good health and God's blessings to family
as we take this great new adventure-cruising
from Seattle to the last frontier-ALASKA!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Trimming or Chain Saw Massacre?

On my morning walk at 7 am,  I noticed this neighbor's tree suddenly has changed its appearance. Not sure why but it got an extreme trimming. I would guess it's the first stage of taking it out because of disease but it was a SHOCK! I think I feel like this tree sometimes when life gives me a jolt or unexpected challenge. OVERWHELMED and STOPPED by whatever the difficult experience is that I'm facing. 

Only three more days till I leave for a week's vacation in Alaska. I'm excited. Looking forward to time away with new experiences and sights. Anxious to see if I'll enjoy a CRUISE!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Getting Ready to Travel

Soon I'l be going on my first cruise, going to Alaska with my son Daniel, dg-in-law Tina and four of my grandkids. Lots to do to get ready. Trying to figure out how to use my I-pad to upload photos as I won't be taking a laptop alone. Good excuse to do some learning I've been putting off. Want to find out how to synch all my computer-desktop, laptop and i-pad. No i-phone yet still learning how to do the other stuff and don't want to pay for internet service on my phone. That will come eventually. I'm sure.

Leaving this Sat for Las Vegas airport via shuttle then to Seattle by plane, catching a bus to the pier all before 4 pm Seattle time when the ship leaves. Won't have time to visit with family in Washington this trip. My son Brook is off to Taiwan unfortunately and my step daughter Sarah and her family live in Redmond. My hubby isn't a fan of cruise ships so he'll stay home and work on his little cruise ship which is coming along nicely.

Here's the schedule for our trip. Sat-lv Seattle, Tues-Ketchikan, Wed-Juneau and Sawyer Glacier, Th- Skagway, Fri-Victoria BC and Sat-Seattle and flying home that afternoon. Lots to see with side trips  and activities aboard the ship Norwegian Jewel. Will try to blog and do Facebook with my I-pad. BON VOYAGE!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pioneer Day in Utah

July 24th is Pioneer Day in Utah, in 1847 the pioneers settled SLC
Where we live now, used to be called Atkinville in the old days.
Pioneer artifacts displays
Beautiful quilts on display
Lots of people eating pie ad ice-cream.
Leah was in charge of the program with our branch president Hubbard.
Speciat visitor-Orson Pratt
Duet sings Daughters of Utah Pioneer theme song.
This pioneer lady told the funniest stories 
Fun old time music with a guitar, banjo, and a steel guitar instrument
called a DoBro-fun sounds, talented performers

Friday, July 24, 2015

Pioneer Boat Builder

Taking down the frame that supported ropes/pulleys for turning the boat over
He's a ingenious engineer who is daily creating solutions for building the boat!
That cradle on wheels enabled hubby to turn the boat 180 degrees around.
Now he's ready to work on the inside of the boat before putting it on a trailer.
Amazing intensive retirement project, three years and launch!
The inside will have compartments and seating, etc.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beauty is all around us

Taking my early morning walks before the sun rises with its summer heat, I find lots of beauty and flowers to enjoy in our desert enrivonment.

The sun is just starting to rise on the Pine Valley mountains
The birds are up and singing to the new day
Everywhere there are yucca blooms.
More yucca blooms, these are reddish pink.
Love the vibrant yellow and pinks together on these blooms.
Waterfalls. desert plants, and pond add to the beauty.

Lots of decorative grasses everywhere...
Our retirement home is Sunriver...
A place to sit and watch the golfers...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Petroglyphs at Parowan Gap

We next journeyed to the Parowan Gap with its historic petroglyphs. Click to enlarge historic signs.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Yankee Meadows Reservoir

A favorite fishing place of my father back in the 1930's and 40's, it's still there up Parowan Canyon.
Peaceful nature being protected for our enjoyment and pleasures...
Lots of contented cows grazing and lazing in the green grass!
Monsoon clouds bring more rain to the thirsty ground...
Yankee Meadow Reservoir stores water for irrigation use in nearby towns.
A peaceful place to boat when we are ready for that activity.
Even a peaceful gurgling brook to listen to...
Rock outcroppings make for a varied landscape
Love the red rocks of Utah and the green cedar trees sprinkled among them.