Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Gardening time...

Love to have hubby's help with pruning bushes
After all the dead growth is trimmed off, it looks better 
Promises of many strawberries coming soon from all those blooms.
This is our little peach tree, small fruit, but aphids also 
Our roses are taking off with the warm temps.
On our roadway, a neighbor's prickly pear cactus is all a bloom.
Closeup of vibrant blooms with more coming.

Ocatilla  shoots will be growing leaves soon..
Spring in the desert brings beauty for a short time then it's HOT!!


Linda Kay said...

Your cactus are pretty, Lin. I think we have everything trimmed back and the weeds pulled for now!

Linda Reeder said...

Ocatilla are such cool plants, and such beauty on the prickly cactus.

Kay said...

Oh my! Everything looks so springtime beautiful.

The Padre said...

What deep color produced by that prickly pear cactus. Thanx 4 Sharing

Jean said...

The desert in the spring is certainly beautiful.

Rambling Woods said...