Thursday, April 16, 2015


for a graduation of my son Daniel who is getting his MFA in Graphic Design from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Flying there with my dg-in-law Tina and four grandchildren ages 9 to 16. What an adventure and celebration. I'm proud of all my sons who have each pursued higher education and the opportunities that result. (All photos taken by Daniel in Vermont.)

Vermont College of Fine Arts in Burlington, Vermont has an online MFA.
WELLSPRING thesis on the left--I helped edit it. Lots of work...but it's done!
The happy graduate after two years of work and much traveling back and forth.
Exhibit on typography-the final letters X, Y and Z... now to teach college.


  1. Congrats to Daniel and his family...all have probably made some sacrifice to make sure he got through this program. And Mom surely deserves some credit as well!

  2. Have you visited Burlington before? If not, you'll find it's a lovely little city on Lake Champlain. Congratulations to your son. Have a lovely trip.

  3. Congrats to Daniel and to you and the family.