Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Different Size Houses

Recently we were out for a drive in Little Valley a new suburb of St. George where huge mansions are being built. It was amazing to us the money expended to built such castles and the care, upkeep involved. We're happy in our smaller retirement home with two casitas for visitors which comes in very handy.

Note the breezeway to the back yard and garages?
Convenient circle driveway and another breezeway.
This house goes on forever...
We think that part on the left is a casita or guest house w. small garage. 
Here's our little casita in comparison, it sits in front of our house.
All that is needed is a bed for guests to stay overnight or longer.
Sink, closet and attached bathroom is available.
All the modern conveniences...
Welcome to small comforts!


Linda Kay said...

Looks just delightful, for sure. I'm positive that there is a lot of love shared when people visit.

Linda Reeder said...

You mentioned your casitas before. That's not something I am familiar with here in the Pacific Northwest. We have guest rooms, or at least we do since our kids have moved out. I don't think we do casitas here.

dellgirl said...

Beautiful photos!