Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April is hopping away....

We are in the midst of waiting for more babies as our hummingbird nest is filled by a new mom to be, sitting patiently on her eggs in last year's already made nest. See VIDEO of last year's nest and fledglings.
She is so small, almost doesn't fit in the nest leftover from last year.
Snapdragons love our climate & we have berry blooms
Our flower garden grows well despite our neglect and not pruning the roses.
Got notified our new trellis didn't meet HOA rules...
So hubby is trying to dig out our 4X4 in posts planted deep in the ground.
Being the engineer he figured out a way to jack up the post w/o brute force.
Then at the end it takes some force to extract the four posts.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. We should start seeing hummingbirds here any day now, back from their winter digs in Mexico and Central America.

  2. Lin, in my opinion, HOAs have way too many rules that don't mean anything. Sorry hubby has to fix things to comply.

  3. just could never live in nor with HOA. Your friend is correct...way too many rules. But the gardens look lovely and Im excited for the birdies.

  4. How wonderful to have a resident hummingbird family again!
    Your roses are wonderful!