Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April is hopping away....

We are in the midst of waiting for more babies as our hummingbird nest is filled by a new mom to be, sitting patiently on her eggs in last year's already made nest. See VIDEO of last year's nest and fledglings.
She is so small, almost doesn't fit in the nest leftover from last year.
Snapdragons love our climate & we have berry blooms
Our flower garden grows well despite our neglect and not pruning the roses.
Got notified our new trellis didn't meet HOA rules...
So hubby is trying to dig out our 4X4 in posts planted deep in the ground.
Being the engineer he figured out a way to jack up the post w/o brute force.
Then at the end it takes some force to extract the four posts.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

POETRY Weekend Conference

Just returned from a quick weekend trip to Midway for the Utah State Poetry Society's annual conference. It was held in a lovely valley near Heber at the Homestead. Lots of poetry, friendships and ideas floating around in the clear mountain air where spring was just coming and winter was trying to hand on. Our speakers were: Kimberly Johnson from Salt Lake City and Pattiann Rogers from Joplin, Missouri. Both shared their poetry and ideas on how to improve our writings. Prizes were given for poems and I was pleased to get a 3rd Honorable Mention on a poem I wrote about my stepfather Earl called The Old Soldier. It's quite the competition with poets throughout Utah and other states submitting.

Courtyard of Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah in early spring.
The Homestead has many different buildings to house guests & a conference.
Gallerie Cafe in Midway is where we ate breakfast.
Cute bears look so playful, carved from logs.
The look friendly but not in real life.
Great food and opportunities to meet and make new friends.
Spring has just sprung!
Little volcanic mound which houses a hot spring below for swimming.
View from the walkway going up to the top-good exercise!
View from the top of Heber City to the east of Midway across golf course.
I so wanted to get a photo of me seated with my frog prince but didn't!
My display for next year's Poetry in the Park in Zion!
More info at
Introducing some of the past Poets of the Year before announcing the new one.
A well deserved honor goes to Candy Fowler from St. George, Utah
Candy gives tribute to her husband Bill for his support and encouragement
Surrounded by loving grandkids-what a surprise!
Time to head home on a typical winter-spring surprise day with snow
in the mountains after a fun fulfilling weekend of inspiration and fun.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Winning feels good!

The Virgin Valley Arts Association held its annual Poetry and Art contest with a reception for winners on April 23rd.  St. George poets won 9 of the 12 awards. The judging is based on the artwork and the poem that provided inspiration to the artist. Both artist and poet win cash awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. I won $50 for 1st place and $100 for Best of Show. This year was my year to win BIG-1st place and Best of Show. I took photos of our Dixie poets' poems whose poems were displayed. Gary Christian won Sponsors Award and Don Graves won People's Choice Award. So, we did well as Dixie poets! Honorable Mentions were won by: Marie Tollstrup, Marilyn Ball and Kate Kirkham.

Reception and awards ceremony in Mesquite, Nevada
Two of the artists that chose my poems as inspiration for their artwork.
Best of Show poem Returning and water color by Jan Hansen
My poem Ever Changing about sand dunes and artist Vanessa Temple
The Nest about hummingbirds by Lin Floyd.
artist-Karlynn Jones
 Poem Gated by Kate Kirkham,
artist-Donna Lanier
Chapel Overture by Marie Tollstrup.
artist-Judith Lanier?
Poem Discovery by Kate Kirkham, artist-Barb Hall
Contrasts in Mojave Country by Marilyn Ball,
watercolor by James Lanier
Mom's Homestead Lilacs by Marilyn Ball, painting
by Geraldine Zerate
Escalante Canyon at Lake Powell by Marilyn Ball
Watercolor by Karlynn Jones
3-D layered paper painting that was striking!
Angel's Landing by Gary Christian
Watercolor by Janice Thorbough
For Jerry by Marilyn Ball
Silent Themes by Gary Christian, photo by Marley Warren
1st place dry media drawing  by Shauna Lee
for my poem flashback
People's Choice Award went to Bus Groves for his poem Fire,
artist-Susan Holiday 
Honorable Mention to Marie Tollsturp for Iris Flames.
Watercolor artist-Phoebe Wrighter
Gary Christian's poem won Sponsor's Award for Autumn Winds!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


More photos from my recent graduation trip to Vermont!

Graduate graphic design art presentations were varied and intriguing...
The long awaited day is here and the work is over with for now...celebrate!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Home Again...

After a quick trip to Vermont for the first time for my son's graduation, here's some photos of the landscape. No leaves yet, but lots of trees, traditional architecture and new sights. Click collage to enlarge.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


for a graduation of my son Daniel who is getting his MFA in Graphic Design from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Flying there with my dg-in-law Tina and four grandchildren ages 9 to 16. What an adventure and celebration. I'm proud of all my sons who have each pursued higher education and the opportunities that result. (All photos taken by Daniel in Vermont.)

Vermont College of Fine Arts in Burlington, Vermont has an online MFA.
WELLSPRING thesis on the left--I helped edit it. Lots of work...but it's done!
The happy graduate after two years of work and much traveling back and forth.
Exhibit on typography-the final letters X, Y and Z... now to teach college.