Friday, March 6, 2015

Springtime is definitely HERE!

Welcome spring, Easter is soon just a few weeks off...
Checking out Pier One with Caryn, definitely one of our favorite stores to shop in.
These orchids almost look real...
Any color or shape you can imagine is available in this store.

Fun setting for an Easter Brunch...complete with baby chicks.
Time to make a new Spring wreath for the door from these materials.
I did it, now I'm ready for Spring-bring it on, a long one would be good.
Close up of the front door and my assembled wreath with a pink bow.


  1. Very pretty wreath. Winter is over at your house!

  2. We had a Pier One in Portland for years, then it closed. Then a new Pier One opened near our mall a year or more ago. I've never gone into the new one, but after seeing these photos, I will. Beautiful wreath!

  3. I love this store, it has so many beautiful home decor.

  4. Beautiful photos, Lin. I love the bright springtime colors. I agree with you, bring it on! I'm ready for spring too.

  5. Oh what a pretty wreath! And it was good to see you in that photo!

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.
    I keep meaning to send you something that I think you and your hubby will enjoy.

    Watch for it in your inbox this week.


  6. PS. I do have a new post up even though it doesn't show in your sidebar as such. (Google must be slippin')

    B :)

  7. Oh gosh! So many fun things to look at. I love the wreath on your pink door.