Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Someone bought a condo!

After several years of renting a home to be snowbirds for the winter, my friend Caryn and hubby bought a really fun place nearby that will be their second home during the colder snowy months at their first home in Pleasant View-north of Ogden. I'm so excited now I can plan on seeing my BFF for longer winter visits. Here's some photos of their new place which came complete with furniture.
That's Caryn in front of her condo...with double car garage for trailer & stuff
I suggested she name their place Kokopeli or Anasazi Place
Caryn arranges a real orchid that the realtor gave them.
I love her decorating touches that add class to their condo and make it homey.
Their living room has a gorgeous view of red rocks in Snow Canyon. 
Caryn's used the color gold, gray, white and black as a decor theme.
Cozy kitchen with nice appliances next to the dining area.
Small backyard with fun bench to sit and enjoy the spring weather and views
Fun classy bedspread that Caryn bought at Walmart is so cheerful and bright
Quite a collection of colorful pillows really work together for a finishing touch.
Doors to lead to outside patio and view.
Fun wicker bench found at a thrift store then painted gray with new pillows.
Back view of house with three bedrooms, two baths.
Making a cup of tea to enjoy our visit while the cable guy installs tv/internet.


Linda Kay said...

Complete with furniture! That is an awesome arrangement.

Jean said...

Beautiful condo! Can we rent it when Caryn's not there?😃😊😉

Jean said...

Come to think of it, we'd want to rent it January through March, I suspect, while Caryn's there. Bummer.

Linda Reeder said...

Congratulations, Caryn! And to you too, Lin, for getting to have your friend nearby longer!
It looks like a lovely new home.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh that is wonderful news for both you and Caryn....

Kay said...

It's so great to have your friend close by. Her home is absolutely fabulous. It looks more like a house than a condo.

Jasmine V said...

This is such a beautiful place. LOVE what you've done with it. I also love the idea of being a snowbird. Thanks for sharing.

Jasmine V | Belgravia Group