Friday, March 13, 2015

More FUN with Caryn

The days are getting hotter, in the 70s now and promises of 80s in the not so distant future, which means that all snowbirds including Caryn will be flying north to their other homes. So, we are not losing any time in having fun together out on the town. BFF!

We started our day sewing a cover for a pillow for Caryn's new home. 
Next we visited Redstone Oils and tasted several different oil and vinegars!
After gyro sandwiches at Apollo Burger, it was off to Tai Pan Trading Ctr. 
Love their colorful displays of decorating stuff
I like the message on this angel poster board, click to enlarge.
Nowadays silk flowers look real, but they never die or lose their petals.
My favorite flower- daisy!
Caryn trying on a hairpiece at Creative Wigs, it looks great on her. 
Getting a  trim and curls to make it look just right for Caryn.
She looks awesome and bought a new hairdo that requires little work to keep up.


  1. Some great time with girl's day. We are going out today for lunch....about 12 of us.

  2. Ooo, what fun it is to spend time with BFFs. Shopping and browsing always add anice touch to an already good time.

    Say hi to Caryn for me, I really miss her here on Blogger.

    Hope you both have a great weekend!

  3. Caryn really does look cute with her new do".

  4. Oh wow! Now you've made me want a wig too! Caryn looks great!