Monday, March 2, 2015

More family...

Enjoyed a tasty dinner of ribs and potato casserole, corn, salad, fruit salad and watermelon together on Sunday. All of my grandkids were there but Hakan who lives in faraway Santa Fe, NM. Nathan isn't shown in these photos but we had fun playing games together and he taught me how to lose at chess. 

James get a kick out of playing with his younger cousin Edmund
Eddie has fun Dr. Spock eyebrows from Star Trek. 
Family gathers to prepare food: (l-r) Rachel, Heather, Emilee and Tina 
Uncle Dan supervises kids playing on the trampoline and outside.
Lorien loves computers as do all the grandkids.
Lorien plays with legos in the kids playroom upstairs
Eddie is fascinated by trains of any kind!
She's a live wire and has a mind of her own at age 4...
Playing games on iphones is fun for even 2 year old Eddie!
Daddy Jeff tries to get a coat on Lorien as it's time to head home.


Linda Kay said...

Time with grandkids is so rewarding, and exhausting, I might add!

gremhog said...

Love the eyebrows...perfect timing with the passing of Mr. Spock. So glad you have these wonderful events