Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Doldrums

After an exhausting never-ending weekend of poetry and writing workshops, Monday comes with its emptiness-a time of reorganizing energies and priorities in order to be able to go forward. This will be a busy week as we are expecting nine house guests that will cram our two little casitas to the maximum and probably overflow into the living room or back yard as a grandson gets married.

Spring is bursting out all over at the Art Museum
I love this little girl's sculpture by the pond.
Blooms everywhere convince me that spring is really here.
Poets and writers enjoy a lunch break during our writing workshop.

Gary a former lawyer and now poet talks with Thaya another poet.
Our youngest poet Olivia-HS senior talks with our poet matriarch LaVerna. 
Our temps are rising to 80 degrees this week as spring fights to stay awhile longer before summer jumps in and plays havoc with our long pleasant reprieve from winter's cold.


  1. Sounds like you won't have much time to languish in the doldrums!

  2. Your house guests will enjoy wonderful weather... Michelle

  3. Lin, I'll be your meeting was really great, and such a perfect day. So nice to see young people with an interest in writing. I have a grand-niece who is doing some writing...recent got an article published.

  4. Oh yes, I've had that feeling when there's no time between one project and the next, and your body and soul long for a wee bit of down time.

    Hopefully you're already feeling better since you wrote this.

    Sending a little prayer for quiet moments nestled between the happy busy and renewed strength for your body.


  5. Sounds like you're having some lovely weather. Snow is finally melting in Chicago.