Monday, March 30, 2015

Farewell to visitors

As family departs in waves as they came, many memories were made and new connections. A couple of Deborah's family that unexpectedly visited us for this special occasion were Martha mother-in-law of Deborah and grandmother of the groom,  and her grand daugter Pyper from the dad's second marriage. Very confusing relationships these days, but we are after all FAMILY––children of the same Heavenly Father.
Had to chuckle––just got the marriage invitation today. The wedding was
last Friday. No names on the invites, but then we should know their names.
Becca is in the National Guard and Adam hopes to join the Army. 
A thank you gift from the other grandmother of the groom who stayed
with us. She gave me a Southwestern  doll to match our decor. The card says:
 Because of good hearted people like you, the world is a better place.
The older generation remembers the niceness of thank yous
and inside it says I hope all the good you do comes back to you.
So sweet to be appreciated.


  1. Lin, my daughter always has her 7-year old write thank yous, and I think it is such a great way to teach him to be grateful to friends and family. Looks like you had a great visit.

  2. I am glad you had such a good time...

  3. I agree, handwritten thank-yous are extra nice. Rare, but nice.

  4. These were fun posts to look at and read. Looks a lot calmer than it sounded.

  5. I always appreciate written thank you notes. When they arrive in the mail, I value the extra effort put into the thank you.
    Thank you's make us feel good, and pleased that we did something that deserved the thanks.

  6. It's definitely lovely to be appreciated.