Monday, February 2, 2015


New month, new day, new possibilities

What are five things you looking forward to this month?
1. Spring drawing closer
2. Valentine's dinner date with hubby
3. Studying more about the life of Christ
4. Adding more walking to my life
5. Having more gratitude for blessings

Now it's your turn in a comment....


gremhog said...

2...Seminary teacher and spouses dinner and broadcast with Elder Holland.
3...Lorain Historical Society's February Tea, playing an heirloom piano of Scott Joplin music
4...Wonderful snowfalls
5...dinners with my best friend and her husband.

Linda Kay said...

1. Visit from old friends from Illinois
2. Valentine dinner put on by the teenagers at our church with hubby.
3. Book signing and open house
4. Completion of the tree house.
5. Enjoying our study of "Good to Great in God's Eyes by Chip Ingram.

Linda Reeder said...

Taking on more home improvement projects.
Working on weight loss.
Going on some fun field trips.
Seeing movies and new TV shows.
Reading a new book.

Sandy Carlson said...

Beautiful post.
My big goal for the month is to put work in its place and to give time to other aspects of my life.

Jean said...

1. Taking Ken out for lunch as a thank you for painting the living room.
2. Helping give a Valentine's party to nursing home residents.
3. Seeing more and more minutes of daylight.
4. Feeling the warmth of milder temperatures (I hope).
5. Getting outside to enjoy this deep snow.