Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery

Last Saturday we drove to Mesquite Nevada about an hour's drive from our home in Southern Utah. Click photos to enlarge.
We traveled through 3 states to get to our destination, leaving Utah to Arizona.
After a few miles, we are in Nevada to Mesquite with its gambling casinos.
We came to the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery and leave poetry workshop flyers.
I love browsing through the gallery of local artists, mostly retired locals.
I especially enjoyed the enlargements of photos so carefully composed.
Fun creative collage of natural materials found in the beautiful desert here.
Not sure how these lovely 3-D floral pieces were made.
Outdoor southwestern sculptures decorate the patio and walkway.
Closeups of the sculptures
Art is the signature of civilization is certainly true.


  1. You have so many incredible artists in your area, Lin.

  2. The artwork on the inside is really lovely, but I also like the outside with that curved sidewalk and items.

  3. Hey I lay in bed this morning listening to the quiet which is really strange since we live on a state route, I channeled you...wrote my thoughts and send them to you.

    -12 degrees actual

    It is so silent outside
    Occasionally a car goes by,
    slower than usual
    And not nearly as many.

    It's as if the air is fragile-
    So fragile that everything knows
    That any movement or noise
    Will cause it to shatter.