Monday, February 16, 2015

Joshua Tree Drive

Took a scenic drive south from our home on the Arizona/Nevada borders to do some exploration.

Notice the variation in colors in the rocks along the roadside.
Views in Arizona Virgin River gorge on the way to Nevada
Always wanted to explore this area and it is scenic.
You wouldn't last long here in summertime, though some miners did.
I love how the cholla catch the sunshine and seem to glow.
Looking south towards Mesquite Nevada, lots of empty space.
Blooms are forming for spring growth.
Beauty in the Mohave desert at every glance.
Glowing chollas mingle with joshua and greasewood plants survive the heat
Lonely sentinels guard this desert scene.
Wild turkeys and lots of migrating birds pass through this area.
Hubby checks out fruit and pomegranate trees at Lyle's Preserve, a birding
area and working ranch for BYU science students and general public.

The road continues through this shallow steam on the other side. 
Watercress grow in the stream in the middle of the desert.
A forest of Jushua trees lines the dirt road leading back to civilization.


Linda Kay said...

Aren't those cactus fascinating? I enjoy seeing them against the stark sand of the desert.

Jean said...

Scenic! I'd love to see those cacti in bloom.

Linda Reeder said...

I hear the joy in your "voice" as you retell this lovely desert drive.

Kay said...

How fabulous to see those wild turkeys! The Joshua trees are awesome.