Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Exploring Pottery and Garden Shops

Another day with my friend Caryn exploring some of the many shops in St. George

It was almost 70 degrees today, we saw daffodils blooming outside
I love how they group their pots by colors, just window shopping today.
This was a fun whirlygig as the wind blew the bicycles wheels around.
Can't you just feel spring wanting to come with summer not far behind?
Lost of lawn furniture and Southwestern  art to hang on your walls.
These metal sculptures caught my eye.
Fun ceramic owls giving a hoot!
Whimsical sculptures would look good in my yard.
Cute little girl discover a fairy in the garden!
Lots of fairies to stir up your imagination...
Looks like a fun fairy village.
These little people need a forest to live in not the hot desert...
This one even has a fairy castle.


Linda Kay said...

Beautiful colors. What a fun place to shop!

Jean said...

I'd love to shop for garden embellishments here! Right now my garden is under 3-4 feet of snow, though.