Monday, February 9, 2015

Change comes sometimes suddenly

Today I went over to our community center for my 3 times/week exercise class only to discover that our healthy 83 year old teacher so full of life last week had a heart attack yesterday. Prayers will ascend for the recovery of this lovely person who gives so freely of her time each week for the last 11 years to help others. It makes me more aware of how QUICKLY life can CHANGE and the importance of seizing the day, enjoying it and letting our family and others know that we love and care.

Maybe this is what VALENTINES is all about, sharing more often our LOVE!


Linda Kay said...

Lin, one of my dear book club members suffered a stroke recently, and she is struggling to recover. Totally unexpected, and she is only 72!

Linda Reeder said...

That is a shock, that someone so vital could suddenly be struck down. This happens to women though, because women often don't have common symptoms.
It is heart month. May we all keep our hearts healthy and happy.