Friday, January 23, 2015

Post #2223

Can you believe it-that I've written 2222 posts in my blog?  I can't...been blogging since Nov 6,  2007. Here's a post from Dec 15, 2007 that I forgot I had written. I like this poem even though we don't have snowflakes very often here in the desert.


Like snowflakes falling quietly
From the wintery skies above
Each different, no two alike
In size or geometric patterns
Designed like no other

So my newborn babes
From the very beginning
Were distinctive: one calm,
Another fussy and demanding
Finding their own way

A delicate mixture of genes
As they grew and matured
Their innate personalities developed
Despite the same background,
Upbringing and common nurturing

Some followed easily the path
Others rebelled and left
Each finding their own voice
And place in the universe
As I watched in silent amazement


Jean said...

That IS a nice poem, Lin.

Kay said...

Lovely, and so true.

Rambling Woods said...

Lovely poem. Congrats on all the posts Lin!