Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kayenta again

Caryn and I love to explore Kayenta, an art community west of St. George. There is always new art to see in the little galleries that line Coyote Gulch.

On the way we stop at Red Mountain Spa by Tuacahn-an outdoor theatre
I love cactii, they speak to me of simplicity and survival
Delicate looking this plant has sharp spines to protect it.
A busy mother and her two little ones follow her example-survival
Caryn's shadow as photographer play with the cactii shadows
Time for lunch, Caryn's on a diet-no bread but lots of green things.

I love cibatta sandwiches with ham, cheese, avocado but not kale fries.
Carefully crafted wooden containers look like pottery.
Ornately decorated vases and containers are fascinating. 
Notice the painting or photograph of the horse's eye.
A fascinating closeup.
Modern art says volumes and you can determine the message.
Can't remember what media was used on this but it is huge.
Would love to have this piece in my yard but it was pricey.


  1. Really interesting works of art, Lin. I would enjoy strolling those galleries too.

  2. Those cacti are fascinating. I've always been intrigued by the various kinds of cacti. Here in Maine I'm limited to hens and chickens outdoors and aloe vera indoors.

  3. The two of you go to the most fun places. The art work is truly spectacular!

  4. I am so happy that you are having fun with a dear friend. There is nothing better..