Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy NEW YEAR 2015

Another FRESH SLATE to write upon...or to repeat the same old mistakes. Sometimes it seems like it's difficult to change patterns that are somewhat ingrained....In making resolutions, I think we have the opportunity to examine our life and see what are our REAL PRIORITIES are. What is important?

It seems to me for me it's RELATIONSHIPS:
1. It's my relationship with ME, my body, spirit and mind
2. Next are my FAMILY relations-communicating, serving, encouraging those I can touch or reach out to.
3. Service to my community, friends and church

What else is left? Can't eat the whole elephant at one setting. So I'm starting with
#1 ME
A. BODY-definitely want to exercise, walk more and eat healthier, regular checkups, etc.
B. SPIRIT-daily prayer, study of the scriptures and repentance are necessary, listening to the Spirit and following promptings.
C. MIND-being curious, learning new things, taking new classes, teaching, writing, being aware.

A. LISTENING-to spouse, asking questions, sending value and love
B. COMMUNICATING-visiting and reaching out via Internet
C. SERVING-helping in ways when asked
D. ENCOURAGING-never giving up on others

A.COMMUNITY-teaching classes to others, giving away my books
B. FRIENDS-fun times together
C. CHURCH-magnify my calling in RS, Indexing and compiling genealogy

What's on YOUR LIST?


Jean said...

Great list of reminders, Lin. I'll add destashing to my list. Got to get rid of the stuff that sits in drawers and on shelves. Can't wait to cut down on clutter!

Linda Reeder said...

No list for me, just working on the physical me. Be careful not to over analyze, Lin. Maybe you don't need so much improvement as that you just need to ENJOY more.

Kay said...

Happy New Year, Lin!!!