Friday, January 2, 2015

Cough, cough....sick!

Well, it started a week ago for me
with the beginnings of a head cold.
No fever, chills or other flu-like
symptoms just a common ailment.

Unfortunately, hubby got sick
yesterday and now he's down.
I have to laugh at how women
and men react to being ill.

Some moan and groan,
others just take a pill and sleep.
Men want to be served
and pampered...if possible.

Women folk just continue
to daily care for others
whether or not the nurse
is sick or needs sympathy.

Life continues, meals to cook, 
beds to make, laundry to do.
Naps are more frequent, but
enjoyed less with a stuffy noise.

Kleenex boxes litter the house
as peppermint tea is consumed
non-stop while the cold moves
from sinuses to throat to chest.

One day this will all be over.
Life will be restored to normal:
meals to cook, beds to make, 
and laundry to do while well.

Maybe my lagging energy will return,
plus my good natured acceptance
of being both forgotten patient
and long suffering, loving nurse.


Linda Kay said...

You have definitely captured the difference between men and women and being ill, Lin. My hubby is pretty independent, but will rest when he is feeling ill. I on the other hand, think life can't go on unless I keep everything in order. Ugh!

gremhog said...

well that about totally sums up the Mars/Venus conundrum.

Jean said...

Wow, can I identify!

Linda Reeder said...

I had to grin at this post, Lin. so much truth. but around here, Tom is a pathetic patient, but I am not a patient nurse, so he knows he will just be checked on and then ignored.

Kay said...

I'm so sorry you caught a cold, Lin. It's going around in Hawaii too though not as much as on the mainland.