Monday, January 12, 2015

Clean off my DESK!

A continuing resolution that makes me wonder
if my mind and life look like my desktop?
The problem is all the papers that I gather daily
and don't want to throw away, because I might NEED IT.

Years later I find these very important papers
out dated, obsolete and meaningless now.
Time to be more ruthless and only SORT ONCE.
Decide where to put it and not in a desktop pile.

Any suggestions for this continuing problem out there?


  1. I look at every paper, and usually pitch it if I can't imagine what use I would have for it again, or if there is a chance it will be available online. Then I have files in a file cabinet for stuff that should be kept for at least a little while. I don't have a problem, but my hubby sure does...can't through anything away!

  2. Like the other Linda, I sort, then have a "pending" pile, or file drawers.

  3. I am still organzing and purging my office...Its an never ending task...

  4. make all things digital. Scan papers and save on a jump drive if nothing else. I do not even pick up the Sunday programs anymore...NEVER. If there's an announcement i need, I just type it into my iPad

  5. My desk looks worse, if you can imagine such a thing. On my list of upcoming projects is to clean off the darned desk.

  6. I usually scan lots of things and just save it on my computer. Helps with the paper accumulation.