Thursday, January 15, 2015

Boundaries and Crazymakers

Individuals may come into your life that are just crazymakers
so involved in their own issues––they fail to see you as a friend.
Innocent actions or words on your part are interpreted as insults.
Great anger and retaliations w/o end can result, creating stress.

When a person doesn't hear your words or explanations
but only hears it through the filter of their wounded egos,
that can be devastating for both former friends now enemies.
Avoiding interaction isn't always possible, but suggested.

It may be necessary if you can't talk it out, to separate
yourself from that person, in marriages that can result in divorce.
Any relationship has its ups and down, but when there is trust
and love between individuals, you can talk things out.

No further emails, talks or trying to work together just space
acceptance of differences and moving on with life's challenges
may be called for. While I'd like to be considered a friend to all,
sometimes that's unrealistic. What would you do in this situation? 


  1. I prefer to approach any issues head on. What was the problem? What was the expectation? What are you angry about? If we clear the air, many times those issues can be mended. Sometimes it is just the situation at the moment and the mood that caused it to spiral out of control. Silence about it is the worst.

  2. I have one who hears only what she wants or thinks she hears. and then is abrasive. To everyone, not just me. Learned to not trust her with any info that is meaningful. Safer that way.