Monday, January 19, 2015

Arts to Zion Tour-Part I

Caryn's ready for another day of fun and adventure in St. George
Meet Pam Bird fibre artist of feminine archetypes
from around the world, for more info see
After much study she makes bas relief sculptures of feminine
goddesses from different cultures with handmade cast paper,
not copies but her own version. 
The details are fascinating, the stories behind each image to be studied
I love her colors and variety of design and cultural authenticity
Sometimes as a mom it would have been helpful to have 8 arms...
Next we visited a printmaker Carol Gold who makes art in her home studio
Next gallery was the DeFiore Center for the Arts-love the pottery 
Lots of red rock landscape paintings and pastels
Mental artwork, never thought of this
3D eclectic art
Caryn enjoying the wonderful warm weather outside the gallery hugs a tree.
Fun metal bird bath, not the bird on the fairy's left foot.


  1. Loved your art walk. We have these in Fredericksburg on the first Friday of the month and always enjoyable.

  2. St. George must have quite large artist colony. Beautiful work!

  3. You guys have the most creative and beautiful projects together.

  4. Warm weather and a good friend...perfect