Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Arts to Zion-Part two

Tour continued...

We enjoyed examining many different paintings in galleries on Main Street
Sculptures are a fun way of preserving a moment in time or an emotion.
Woman with child...
Many galleries are old pioneer homes converted into artist's studios and sales.
Pastels are another art form that is fascinating how they capture colors/shapes.
I like this sculpture of a Native American etching petroglyphs on rock


  1. Lin, I love sculptures and the ones shown in these pictures are wonderful. I'm always amazed at the process. We have a couple of sculpture artists here in Fredericksburg who demonstrate their clay molding in preparation for the casting in bronze or whatever metal.

  2. Lin, what a fun time this must have been. I need to get down to your neck of the woods soon.

  3. These are such gorgeous art pieces. Thank you for sharing them with us.