Saturday, January 31, 2015


Life is sometimes just a matter of perspective
or paradigms––how you see situations and people.
I'm trying to understand how to live with less stress
and I'm discovering that I'm the cause of much of it.

Because of how I perceive my world, some things aren't 
how I think they are while other times I'm unaware of what
is really going on. Life is a challenge and a puzzle at times.
All you can do is try to make sense of the clues it gives you.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kayenta again

Caryn and I love to explore Kayenta, an art community west of St. George. There is always new art to see in the little galleries that line Coyote Gulch.

On the way we stop at Red Mountain Spa by Tuacahn-an outdoor theatre
I love cactii, they speak to me of simplicity and survival
Delicate looking this plant has sharp spines to protect it.
A busy mother and her two little ones follow her example-survival
Caryn's shadow as photographer play with the cactii shadows
Time for lunch, Caryn's on a diet-no bread but lots of green things.

I love cibatta sandwiches with ham, cheese, avocado but not kale fries.
Carefully crafted wooden containers look like pottery.
Ornately decorated vases and containers are fascinating. 
Notice the painting or photograph of the horse's eye.
A fascinating closeup.
Modern art says volumes and you can determine the message.
Can't remember what media was used on this but it is huge.
Would love to have this piece in my yard but it was pricey.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


On Sat Jan 24th we had a poetry workshop taught by a local poet and educator Darren Edwards who taught us how to Put More Life into Our Poetry when reading it out loud. He suggested we read slowly savoring each word and silences when needed, to let emotions show through our presentation but not use our "poetic voices" which are kind of sing songy and words. Also at the end to pause and let the audience realize the poem is over before continuing or sitting down. Lots of great ideas to utilize. Thanks Darren for sharing your experiences and for performing some of your own works.

Our Dixie Poets president Alma Richie talks to our teacher Darren Edwards
Lots of talented poets came to learn how to improve presenting their poems
Thanks to the library for hosting us and UTSPS for paying our speaker
Thanks to Darren Edwards for sharing his talents with us

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mormon Religious Art

The other day while touring local art galleries we came upon this artist Roland Lee who specializes in Mormon historical art. I love how he captures the essence of that time.

Many Mormon pioneers came across the plains in covered wagons
Later converts from England came to Utah with handcarts they pulled
Winter came early for some handcart companies and difficulties
Many pioneers died before reaching the Utah territory and Zion
Many gave their lives helping younger and weaker ones cross frozen rivers
Early pioneer artifacts
Joseph Smith as a boy of fourteen prayed to know which church to join
and received a heavenly vision. Now there are 15 million Mormons worldwide.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Post #2223

Can you believe it-that I've written 2222 posts in my blog?  I can't...been blogging since Nov 6,  2007. Here's a post from Dec 15, 2007 that I forgot I had written. I like this poem even though we don't have snowflakes very often here in the desert.


Like snowflakes falling quietly
From the wintery skies above
Each different, no two alike
In size or geometric patterns
Designed like no other

So my newborn babes
From the very beginning
Were distinctive: one calm,
Another fussy and demanding
Finding their own way

A delicate mixture of genes
As they grew and matured
Their innate personalities developed
Despite the same background,
Upbringing and common nurturing

Some followed easily the path
Others rebelled and left
Each finding their own voice
And place in the universe
As I watched in silent amazement

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Arts to Zion-Part two

Tour continued...

We enjoyed examining many different paintings in galleries on Main Street
Sculptures are a fun way of preserving a moment in time or an emotion.
Woman with child...
Many galleries are old pioneer homes converted into artist's studios and sales.
Pastels are another art form that is fascinating how they capture colors/shapes.
I like this sculpture of a Native American etching petroglyphs on rock

Monday, January 19, 2015

Arts to Zion Tour-Part I

Caryn's ready for another day of fun and adventure in St. George
Meet Pam Bird fibre artist of feminine archetypes
from around the world, for more info see
After much study she makes bas relief sculptures of feminine
goddesses from different cultures with handmade cast paper,
not copies but her own version. 
The details are fascinating, the stories behind each image to be studied
I love her colors and variety of design and cultural authenticity
Sometimes as a mom it would have been helpful to have 8 arms...
Next we visited a printmaker Carol Gold who makes art in her home studio
Next gallery was the DeFiore Center for the Arts-love the pottery 
Lots of red rock landscape paintings and pastels
Mental artwork, never thought of this
3D eclectic art
Caryn enjoying the wonderful warm weather outside the gallery hugs a tree.
Fun metal bird bath, not the bird on the fairy's left foot.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Writers Groups in St. George UTAH

Photo taken by Chris Caldwell of the Spectrum. I'm in turquoise jacket...
Today there is an article in our local Spectrum newspaper about local writing groups that I'm a part of here in St. George. I've certainly enjoyed learning more about writing and poetry from these groups and served as newsletter editor and publicity person for Heritage Writers, and co-president and publicity person for Dixie Poets. Attending statewide conferences and teaching classes at them has been an enriching experience and led me to develop a local Youth poetry contest now in its 5th year and to take leadership of Poetry-in-the-Park an annual day of workshops in Zion Park. It's a great retirement hobby. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Boundaries and Crazymakers

Individuals may come into your life that are just crazymakers
so involved in their own issues––they fail to see you as a friend.
Innocent actions or words on your part are interpreted as insults.
Great anger and retaliations w/o end can result, creating stress.

When a person doesn't hear your words or explanations
but only hears it through the filter of their wounded egos,
that can be devastating for both former friends now enemies.
Avoiding interaction isn't always possible, but suggested.

It may be necessary if you can't talk it out, to separate
yourself from that person, in marriages that can result in divorce.
Any relationship has its ups and down, but when there is trust
and love between individuals, you can talk things out.

No further emails, talks or trying to work together just space
acceptance of differences and moving on with life's challenges
may be called for. While I'd like to be considered a friend to all,
sometimes that's unrealistic. What would you do in this situation? 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Back to EXERCISE class

I've been really good on going to exercise class 3 times/week
Then I got sick––it's been weeks, probably before Christmas 
since I've felt like exercising. But there's always new resolutions.
It's back in the saddle again, exercising as I ride off 
into the morning sunrise.

Image from

Monday, January 12, 2015

Clean off my DESK!

A continuing resolution that makes me wonder
if my mind and life look like my desktop?
The problem is all the papers that I gather daily
and don't want to throw away, because I might NEED IT.

Years later I find these very important papers
out dated, obsolete and meaningless now.
Time to be more ruthless and only SORT ONCE.
Decide where to put it and not in a desktop pile.

Any suggestions for this continuing problem out there?