Friday, December 12, 2014

To DYE or Not to DYE

When you reach my age
the big question is
to dye or not to dye...
the hair, since dying
of old age is a given.

As a child I was blond,
brunette as an adult
then gray hairs appeared
during my sons' teen years
revealing the aging process.

BEFORE-platinum blonde-frowning
So, I hit the bottle
Clairol's Nice and Easy
that become blond
again, but it was too light.

Now I'm trying a darker
color with more brown 
not just platinum hues
because my son said to me:
Your  hair is white, mother dear.

AFTER-natural light blonde-notice the smile!


  1. Wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Not to dye. I prefer not to mess with any of that. My hair is gray and that's fine because I've earned it.

  3. It depends on what you want to gray or not... I do not want it... you look pretty

  4. youlook lovely. i'm all white but every few months I use Nice n Easy to give myself some great low I understand

  5. What a fun post... we enjoy seeing the before and after. You look lovely.


  6. Oh yes! Very lovely Lin. It's nice to be blond because your roots don't show as much. If I were to dye my hair, you'd see the roots sprouting too quickly and I'm too lazy to keep it up. You look fabulous!

  7. Wow!!you look great! I opted for highlights again.