Tuesday, December 23, 2014


So stopping one activity helps you to focus on what other POSSIBILITIES there are. I felt impressed about a month ago to STOP writing my weekly (volunteer/not paid) columns for the local Senior Sampler. I've written about 325 articles, one a week for almost 6 years. That's a lot of thinking to generate new ideas. Everyone seems to like what I write as many people stop to tell me at church or other activities how much they enjoy my ideas. Interestingly enough my husband doesn't read my columns. His interests are somewhere else on building a boat!

Using special paint urethane alkyd-this is the third kind hubby tried––it worked!
It looks great and is so smooth and shiny-it reflects...blue is masking tape.
I will be taking my first CRUISE anywhere with Daniel and family to ALASKA in Aug 2015 on Norwegian Cruise Lines. Unfortunately, my hermit husband isn't interested in traveling on BIG SHIPS. So, he'll stay home and work on his row/sailing/motor boat-it's 15 feet long. He's making progress again with painting the outside, then it will be time to turn it over and work on the inside. It's quite the retirement hobby––keeps him busy and out of trouble!

The process and the painter seen through my fish eye lense adjustment.
So on to the FUTURE. With some of my time freed and less pressure to publish each week, I want to focus on more time with FAMILY, developing my TALENTS in poetry and photography, and serving in my church calling as 1st councilor in the RELIEF SOCIETY-responsible for 150 women in our church that range in age from 55 to 93.

I'm planning a BIG YEAR in 2015 because I turn 75 on July 12th. Will have a party at Daniel's and invite all my family members who can come to have a FAMILY REUNION. This includes my stepdaughters too and their families. I have a blended family with four sons and four stepdaughters. Many of them live in faraway states like New Mexico, California and Washington, so it's not that easy to travel to Utah, but it's time to CELEBRATE family before the final GRADUATION.


  1. Lin a great project for your hubby, and hope you will have a wonderful time on your cruise to Alaska. We have debated this for some time, but just haven't committed as yet to the cruise. Your 75th birthday should be a great celebration with your family.

  2. You should love the cruise; it's a good one! Have a wonderful time.

  3. It will be a rewarding and exciting 2015 for you... Michelle

  4. It does sound like you have much to look forward to in 2015!