Saturday, December 27, 2014

Marriage and the US CENSUS

There was a news article that intrigued me as a genealogist for 50+ years who has used US Census records to collect information on my ancestors. It was a discussion of the possibility of NOT asking marriage information in future censuses possibly because of privacy concerns for the individuals involved; although the results aren't available to the public till 70 years after a census has been taken. Meaning that the1940 census was just released in 2010. Interesting for me because I hadn't been born yet the month the census was taken. My parents were living on the railroad in Nevada, but it gave me interesting information on them and who their neighbors were, etc. Each census varies on the info that is provided. If you want to read more click below on questions answered on the website by Bowling Green State University of Ohio who are concerned and doing research on marriage and family.


Linda Kay said...

Might be interesting results, but it will be tainted by the fact that so many people now refuse to divulge personal information on these.

Linda Reeder said...

Those are interesting questions. I hope the study collected good information that can be used in a positive manner.