Sunday, December 21, 2014

Article #323 Season of Change

            As I’m approaching my 75th birthday next year, I’m amazed by how much there still is to learn about me. You think after living with myself all these years, I’d have become perfect, but I’m not. I still make mistakes, hurt others’ feelings, forget too easily lessons learned years ago. Guess I’m not ready for graduation yet. For those who don’t believe in a next life, it must be fun to just live it up and do whatever you feel like without fear of consequences in the future. I’ve always believed there is a purpose to this time on earth: to become a better person. Not a perfect individual, but constantly learning from mistakes made and trying to improve.

            The scariest part about aging is not knowing how much time is left. You could die tomorrow from a car accident or stroke or heart attack or be faced with struggling for years with cancer or some other fatal disease. I see this as the final test before moving into another existence called by some heaven. I don’t believe in reincarnation. I would hate to think of returning to life as a mosquito or cow or other creature. I value my family and believe they are the reason I’m here, to learn from them, nurture and love them. In this day of the mutation of the family and its values in a society hell bent on satisfying the individual only, my beliefs give me security and stability.

            Whatever season of life you are in, there are lessons to be learned. Hopefully you keep a journal to record, evaluate and share this education called life. If you haven’t started writing, accepted my challenge to start your life story. Time is running out for all of us. Next month will be my last column and the beginning of a new phase of my life focused more on family and less on trying to save the world or you my reader who I have encouraged, guilt loaded and urged unceasingly for five plus years to write your life story and find your voice then help others discover their voice including your extended family members, friends and loved ones. Each person is unique and has something special to contribute to this life IF they can find their voice and the self confidence to use their time here on earth by developing and sharing their talents. NEXT TIME: Final Goodbye (to my Senior Sampler Columns)


Linda Kay said...

Josie, the only way to live is that each day is your last one here on earth, so you had better be prepared for what comes after. That means being kind, brightening someone's day, and keeping Christ in your thoughts.

Cheryl said...

I have enjoyed your articles Lin. I am betting you will find many more adventures ahead!