Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Article #322 Failure or Faith

           Each day is an opportunity for you to feel like a failure when your expectations aren’t met or doubts enter about your unknown future. As a young friend of mine said I feel so confused. My reply was: This is a world of confusion. So much is happening so fast, that’s it’s difficult to stay in one place and not feel frazzled. What can you do? Focus on the positive, develop faith in some belief system that gives direction and purpose to your life as you struggle with each day’s challenges. When you blame others including God for problems, gratitude takes a back seat and can be replaced by perfectionism, frustration, and depression.

            The cry of today’s youth and many adults is That’s not fair. As IF life is suppose to be fair and supply all our needs and desires with little effort required on our part. Trust in the plan, learn from your experiences. Don’t fight them, embrace them for the lessons they bring. For those who have struggled with raising teenagers, you probably tried to teach your children that life isn’t fair, but there are rewards to be gained from soldiering through the difficult times, leaning on your faith and supportive friends and loving family for encouragement.

             The concept of looking at life as a glass half full rather than half empty will help you avoid feelings of failure. Optimism is contagious and necessary for the development of faith in self and life’s purpose. There is a reason you are here on earth in a family and in this community: to struggle and learn from adversity. Celebrate your efforts then share the wisdom gained with others.

             This is not a random universe-there are laws and natural forces that keep everything in check and moving in its proper orbit. Everyone is governed by laws and natural forces. Stimulus––response, action––reaction, mistake––consequences, failures–––learning. Don’t hate or doubt the schoolmaster who developed this curriculum. Just spend time reflecting, appreciating and learning from your stumbles and develop your faith and cultivate hope in the many blessings that come.

            Writing your life story will help you discover the strengths that you’ve developed from challenges and weaknesses that come to all. Start listing the major trials/tests you’ve faced. Mine was divorce and becoming a single parent. From this experience, I became a stronger person and learned to rely on my faith for direction and purpose. NEXT TIME: Season of Change.  

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