Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lattices and Privacy

Since so many plants suffered winter kill last Dec, our neighbors back yard has been more visible as their growing plants were cut back. That lead us to decide to put a trellis between us for our new trumpet vines to grown on. Here's a before and after. Cheaper than building a wall.

View out our dining room window into our neighbor's backyard
Privacy fence before staining, note three little trumpet vines-grow!
With redwood stain-it's almost too much but wintering and vines will cover it.


  1. I'm sure they will all look lovely growing on the trellis. We have clematis, passion plant and coral vine around our yard on trellises against the fence.

  2. The lattice should do the trick. I love trumpet vines!

  3. I love that...wish I could put one up

  4. wow...that is a lovely privacy form! I don't need privacy but I think putting something like that up around our patio would be great. I think I'll show robert