Thursday, November 13, 2014


Trying again to sell my books at the annual Fall Fair in Sunriver.

Note the frozen palm tree in the background that didn't make it through winter.
My best book sales are on though I've tried selling on my blog too.
Lots of fun booths to visit but I bought nothing this year.
Christmas is coming too soon. 
Love all the creativity in these items for sale.
I'm out of space for decorating my home but these are tempting...
Doesn't everyone want a decorated long horn?
More items with an African flavor. 
Homemade jewelry looks awesome. 
A photographer friend who is a real professional. 
Taken from his kitchen wall he says.
Lots of fun arrangements but my house is full every shelf and corner!


  1. What a fun place to do some shopping. Good luck on your book sales...that's a real challenge, self promotion.

  2. I love the autumn/holiday fairs. I'm planning to go to a large one on Saturday. Beautiful items at the fair you attended, and so different from items we find at fairs in the Northeast.

  3. Yes I love fairs, but I too am running out of room..hope you sell many books Lin..hug

  4. you live in such a creative area. Does that artisan with the Pinyon jewelry sell's lovely!