Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sst. George Book Festival 2014

Busy times with the yearly Book Festival. Here's some photos, more coming from today's Author Expo.

Keynote speaker prominent Utah author Dean Hughes spoke on
how he writes his novels and work techniques for writers.
Workshop held at Dixie State University with over 50 participants 
Teri Harmon teaches about the importance of story.
Virginia Grenier co-chair of Festival presents ideas on using the senses.
Ideas on how to market your books from Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Charity dinner in the evening with l-r Dale Kohler, his wife Joyce-Utah
Poet of the Year, myself and Marilyn Ball-local poets.
Mayor Jon Pike shares ideas about the importance of reading for all.
Presentation of money to St. George Children's Museum and Washington
County School District for their support of reading and learning,


  1. Great to spend some time with fellow authors. Love the ladies t-shirt in the last photo. I'd love to hear what the speaker had to say about marketing. Have a wonderful adventure!

  2. Enjoyed this post, sure brings all that writing entails to light.

  3. I enjoyed the post, thank you for sharing this with us. The photos are amazing.