Friday, October 17, 2014

Slowing Down or Falling

I live in a retirement community and it seems someone is always falling: stumbling over a rug or a raised sidewalk curb not to mention after climbing up a ladder. I remember falling when young or twisting an ankle, but I seemed to rebound in a short amount of time. With aging, the body bounces back slower. So I decided to write a poem about an experience I had last Sunday.


Off to another important meeting
rushing out the door,
jumping in the car
only to discover I'm falling.

My foot slips on the garage floor,
my ankle turns, I land on my knee
then my elbow, my bottom, next
comes the head. I'm flat, but not out.

All this in a few seconds gives me
a real surprise. Now I'm no longer
caring for others, but I'm the one needing
help. Slowly I sit up, look around then stand.

Grateful that nothing seems broken,
I change my small high heels for flats
then return to the scene of the accident.
Slowly ease into the car and drive away.

Lesson learned...slow down, enjoy
the journey. Who knows when it may end,
suddenly without announcement. After
seventy-four years I should know that.


Rambling Woods said...

Oh so glad you weren't hurt Lin!

Linda Kay said...

A friend of mine fell and hit directly on her face on the sidewalk....took a while to heal. Glad you are okay.

Anonymous said...

Odd how it hurts so much more the next day, isn't it? Hope you aren't still limping, and that your sit me down will sit you down comfortably soon. Last time I took a fall, I managed to do it in front of 200 or more people. Embarrassing? Nah! Not any more than the day my teeth fell
l into the pool.

Jean said...

Ouch! That fall had to hurt. So glad you weren't seriously injured!

Bo G och Birgitta Wennerlund said...

I like this poem very much! And am glad and grateful you did not hurt yourself more than you did.