Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saturday Drive

Craving to see some autumn leaves, hubby and I took a drive to nearby Kolob Reservoir. It was fun to get out in nature and enjoy some time together. Then we stopped by Sonny Boy's BBQ for a quick lunch-delicious!

Redrocks of Utah and Zion National Park west side.
Amazing colors even though vegetation is sparse at this elevatio 
An old ranch house without electricity or water, not used now.
Some pine trees appear as we drive higher in up the mountains.
At last autumn leaves but no red leaves just aspen and scrub oak.

Bright yellows are so cheerful saying goodbye before winter comes.
A very pleasant uncrowded ride up in the mountains.

Here we are at Kolob Reservoir with its lower Fall water level.
Still used for boating but not fishing after September...maybe next year?
Yellow, orange leaves plus green pines welcome in the change of seasons
Time to return home through Zion Park's majestic beauty
Love the variety of rock formations and colors.


  1. Beautiful photos. I love the landscape of your area. Thanks for taking me along!